Fowle Abbey

The Black Hand at the Neely Mazeo's

The party battles a molten dragon, a dragon speckled with black and green. The dragon is named Sinaps.. he was once called ‘sinep’ but that is penis spelled backwards- and one of the players is highly atuned to backwards spelling… lets call his party member ‘retep’. The party killed the dragon when it wasted a round spitting a useless caustic puss on the ground.. You can look forward to finding the siblings of this dragon (with the spitty thing fixed.. .

After many a good roll the party found the dragons lair, which was in the ancient family burial grounds. The party found the lair in a monument hole.. a ready made grave.. The party got a pair of reading glasses (which is why they know the dragon’s name was not penis spelled backwards, but it was actually ‘panis’ spelled backwards).. and there were also a few items that the party should have gotten, but no one could decide what they were, so they are just out there… in the wind.

Still, this specific party has a invoker that is full of piss and vinegar, so while he was preparing the next sorte of insults at the DM, 100% aimed at the lack of loot, the party was attacked. The raid came from the black hand ‘rat pack’ patrol. A few grima rats and the mazeo WereRats were beaten, questioned and slain.

The party learned that the black hand is in control of Neely lands. They have powerful allies. (wererats and a clutch of dragons led by smolden ‘the 3rd blue eye’... and that the base is to the west on the shore of the lake of solace.

Following the trail back to the black hand base, the party fights into what is called the Vence Neely estate… held by the Mazeo clan of were rats.. The party defeats another rat pack- a few more Mazeo Wererats.. The party lears that the Neely’s had made portals to connect the estates they built to some other place. These portals persist. At the Portal the Deva party member meets a lost comrade. Thandrix the fixer, is a clerk for the blackhand? Thandrix tells the deva that the dragon smolden has been summoned, and will be returning to meet the party. Thandy says the dragon will not go threw the portal, but that they could escape that way..He can help with that. The dragons lair is downstairs, in the ruins of the estates cellar. Thandrix explains that if the party goes to collect the loot.. then they will meet smolden in a few minutes when she returns. She is tough.. you might want to get 3 or so more fights in before you get to her (cause you might be 4th lvl then).. but anyhoo..

next time, dragons loot.. and it is a doozy.


Remind me, isn’t there some Neely artifact or book we want that’s in the basement? I’m not averse to treasure-seeking, but if it’s just treasure I’m not sure fighting Smolden is worth it.

Mind you, if my memory is right and there’s something in there we need, as opposed to just magic/treasure, then I think we need to go in. In that case we may be facing a “Face the dragon for a round or two while the good Brother and Father race into the portal and hope I’m alive to make my run at it,” kind of scenario. And I’m fine with that. Sister Gil just isn’t of the opinion that the risk that entails is worth JUST treasure, she totally thinks it’s worth the risk if it serves Erathis’ goals by getting us the secrets of the Neely’s, just not if it’s just for some dragon’s hoard. She’s convinced there will be more dragons in our future, this one isn’t anything special.


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