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Yurenth is a Realm, and as such is pretty much like any other realm. It has especially deadly dragons, and empires ruled by a clergy of necromancers that mount a never ending war against a court of wood elves and their allies. For generations the battle raged. Weapons unleashed by both sides have left lasting scars on the land, and in the people. A generation has past since the end of that long war. With the Necromancers scattered to the winds, petty lords have begun the skirmish. It is the classic many points of light 4e story.

As we start the game, the people of the realm of Yurenth are just waking up after the war.

Heroic Plot arc

Yurenth Hazards

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Fowle Abbey

City of Jewel

Game 1 Character Creation

The Gods of Yurenth

Yurenth stuff

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