Verastorm and the statue of Kessel

As Champions your group was offered a role in this quest. You were on tour in the shell city Yelle, and the beautiful and.. evidently devious bishop of Yelle has requested you enter the chambers of Verastorm and return to her after you speak to the statue of Kessel. Even a failed religion and history roll will tell you that Verastorm is one of many ancient religious caves of great mystery and power, and that Kessel was a former champion and devotee to Erathis. skill challenge… [history, diplomacy, streetwise, religion to learn more]

After passing the portal you were attacked by Ulfranin Goblins. Sloppy ambush, you over whelmed them and set upon there boss, the vermin handler Farknot. Passing into the next room you battled a cadre of goblin back ups. You slay them [ what did that goblin scream when he died??].

You find you are in front of the statue of Kessel. He is larger than life, looks like he has a little fey blood and wields a lute of some kind. Skill challenge….



sacred bundle

amulet of verastorm

torturers touch


soul forged

throne of the gods


Verastorm and the statue of Kessel

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