soulforged items

Yurenth has a special sort of magical item called soul forged items. These items are exactly like all other magic items of their type, they gain other abilities as well. Soul Forged weapons have an indelible soul inside of them. This intelligent soul can link to the owner, allowing a friendship and bond that confers onto the owner special powers- these powers are lost to other wielders. At the most base level the item can empathically communicate with the owner. In its element the item will have wants. The item will typically have some experience and might have a special modifier or power for special situations.

Every individual in Yurenth can use a soulforged item, These items are forged to slots on the wielder like any item. A weapon forges to a hand, and no other item can forge to that hand. The amount of slots available to be forged is equal to half the level plus any charisma modifier. So a Cha 12 person at level 1 can wield one soulforged item. At level 2 he could get another.


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soulforged items

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