Oblin, Goblin and Gnomes are all called Oblins in Yurenth

The Elven court had long allied with a goblin empire commonly referred to as the “Oblin”. If you want to play a Goblin or Oblin use the rules for Gnomes

Game 1 Character Creation

Oblins- nature of, These goblins were loyal and just, and in the scattering of the Elves they were left in the smoldering court, they maintain a huge footprint on the map, although they mainly represent conflicting and despotic regions with limited ability to project power or even maintain peace with competence. One complexity of the Oblin in yurenth is that many merchants the party deals with may be oblins and therefore honest and trustworthy. Others might be goblins masquerading as oblins. There are many how do you tell an oblin from a goblin jokes.


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