is the world of Yurenth a mistake?...

Excerpt from missive from Authority Grendel of Harvodor sent with Merek

“… The gods of Yurenth have always been difficult to understand for outsiders. The world was defective. Aspects of the gods are married, altered. The realm of Yurenth was always different, stunted and unique. The confusion to travelers like we, to set down and worship to Pelor with a worshiper of the Raven besides you.. In the world of Yurenth.. The gods created Avatars, demi gods. Too watch their kingdoms. And as you know the worshipers of Avandra, Melora or Corellon often bundle into a worship of Fael….. Should it be any wonder that Yurenth is in decay. It is spinning down. “

The Gods of Yurenth


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