Game 1 Character Creation

PC Creation-

Ability scores- build a player character with a 22 point buy system.

Player Race and Class- all core rules for classes, feats, skills and powers are used. There might be some repercussions for a particular selection. For instance.. in Yurenth Elves are vulnerable to cold iron and black iron. Also Yurenth has no native Deva, Dragonborn, Shifter or Changling races. Some one that wants to play this race will have to be from a foreign realm.

Native vs Rifter

Anyone that wants to be a Gnome or Goblin can look at them (they are the same).. and called Oblins.. Oblin

Humans would most likely be from the Lath empire, The civilian of the Fallen Empire of Necromancers are just now trying to forge ahead with out the evil oppressors. They could also be The distant relative of the Human and faerie founders of the land. The children of Fael. Faelesse


3. The player can select pretty mush what ever they want. But I might need to throw some plot stuff around it. Like Races or types not native to the Realm of Yurenth, where we begin will need to be imported, and that will come with ramifications.

And then there are the Rifters.. the people from the outside worlds.


Dragon Born

Yurenth stuff

4. Adventure #1 – Verastorm and the statue of Kessel

Game 1 Character Creation

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