Fowle Abbey

Game 1 Character Creation
Roll them bones

PC Creation- 1. Ability scores- build a player character with a 22 point buy system.

2. Player Race and Class- all core rules for classes, feats, skills and powers are used.

3. The player should have 2 or more of the background archetypes from the dragon magazine scales of war background supplement.

Game 1 Character Creation

Character Creation

PC Creation- Game 1 Character Creation

First Fight!

So on Jun 18th we had out first fight.

Brothers Merek and Vidar were being led through the wilds by Sister Gil.

The weather drove them into a cave-mouth to seek shelter.

There they fought off a dire rat and a number of giant rats that were defending a carcass they were gnawing on.

Champions of Erathis united

Recap of the background..

These are dark times.. as in an age of darkness. Generations of escalating wars and magical perversion, breakdown of communication and alliances. But still, tradition runs deep, every 6 years there is a season of festivities- sport, poetry and craft. The fantasy state fair. These contests reveal champions. It is a distinct honor. In times past these people went on to become rival orators and generals, leaders of man. The festivities that select these hero’s are deeply rooted in the lands, and although they may have lost some prestige, it will be the highlight of your lives.

Each district and land selects its own champions and they are still honored with a victory tour and precious rewards. Erathis spins deep and wide webs, and you are ever captured in them.

Portal of Verastorm, and the statue of Kessel.

As Champions your group was offered a role in this quest. You were on tour in the shell city Yelle, and the beautiful and.. evidently devious bishop of Yelle has requested you enter the chambers of Verastorm and return to her after you speak to the statue of Kessel. Even a failed religion and history roll will tell you that Verastorm is one of many ancient religious caves of great mystery and power, and that Kessel was a former champion and devotee to Erathis. skill challenge… [history, diplomacy, streetwise, religion to learn more]

After passing the portal you were attacked by Ulfranin Goblins. Sloppy ambush, you over whelmed them and set upon there boss, the vermin handler Farknot. Passing into the next room you battled a cadre of goblin back ups. You slay them [ what did that goblin scream when he died??] you find you are in front of the statue of Kessel. He is larger than life, looks like he has a little fey blood and wields a lute of some kind. Skill challenge…. [history or religion to learn more]

brief rest

I advise you all to read page 263 of PHB. Re: Rest….. You all are taking a short rest… it takes about 5 uninterrupted minutes, and you get your encounter powers back… also 3 interesting things to discuss..

1. The Sacred Bundle

As a part of the (extensive) ritual that sent the party threw the portal of verastorm, Clifff was given a cumbersome sealed bundle of lumpy sacred items.

2. Eerie music comes from the stone Kessel

As you finish the combat, you find you are in front of the statue of Kessel. He is larger than life, looks like he has a little fey blood and wields a lute of some kind. He looks like a secure enough place to take a quick breather. And sure enough as soon as you lean on a wall, take a sip of water and cool the heavy breathing you start to hear an eerie singing, you come to realize it is coming from the statue of Kessel. You feel you know the song. It is an old tune, and somehow changed. I added an insight roll below for the party to understand Kessel and his song).

3. You get experience…

The accountant of experience points is making barter… he needs to clean the books. I plan to keep a 1 lvl floor on the party.. if someone goes to level 3, whoever is at level 1 will be given enough exp to get to lvl 2.. The social promotion program. Also – as a onetime bank error in the newbies favor.. the accountant is given all the players the accumulated corpse worth of experience, so since the server has been turned on.. You all have piled 950 experience worth of corpses. (950/5) = 190 each..

Skill challenge still to be resolved…

I think we can easily devise a way to track skill rolls inbetween sessions. this site supports rolls i think.

Kessel the bard..

(Insight, history or religion to learn more about Kessel)

Verastorm caverns knowledge…....

(history, diplomacy, dungeoneer, streetwise, religion to learn more about Verastorm).

Clifff and the song of kessel

Clifff the cleric rolled a 27+ insight and learned this from the song of kessel: At its most basic level, the song about the faelesse people, about the god Fael, and his throne in the heart of the mountains. Due to the insightful song you learn a lot about the singer, it seems that Kessel is a child of Fael and that the statue is in the ‘room of Kessel’ which has some signifigance. Kessel was a great figure in faelese lore, He wrote great works, was a well known romantic, a drunk, who made and lost a famous life.. you think that real Kessel is in there, and he has choosen Clifff, a devotee to Erathis. Kessel is presently turned to stone, and has been turned into some great magic creature. He calls Clifff his ‘solicitor’ and Clifff has concordance level 1 with the statue.

Concordance level 1- Clifff can name an ‘honor gaurd’, that character and Clifff gain a +5 lightning damage bonus to their first damage roll in the next combat, as long as it happens before the next rest.

( still need a history or religion to learn more about Kessel)

finding the throne of Fael

The party could feel the radiance, the throne of the god fael.

Erathis has truly blessed you. In the chamber beyond Kessel is a huge room. With a Throne. There were some innocent looking bones and evil amulets, in piles… and the diehard Farknot- or the spectre of him, was beconing for a fight on the throne. You battled. You learned that much of Tim’s idea of this run is to make figurative translations from .. quoting the blurb to the players… ( tsr 1980..the keep on the borderlands—room 52 nearly…. quoted) you enter the hall of skeletons…. This unusual audience chamber has a huge dais and throne like chair….with 4 gems worth 500 gp each… it is otherwise empty” …..Honestly it says .. Otherwise empty. In the next sentence then it seems to remember that “……….except for a dozen skeletons, clad in rags of chainmail and battered shields. They are propped against the wall, and are obviously not animated and do nothing if the adventurers check them“(attempt to turn is unchallenged and ineffective). Each skeleton has an interesting amulet on its neck.

The throne is labeled “Throne of the god Fael” players engage farknot, and in doing so they struck the throne, and animated the undead.. The fight was a foot. In the end the divines won, Sister was blessed with truly divine vibes in combat, while Vidar took divine rest on the throne of Fael. Clifff knew he had a shot at pleasing Kessel, he rested with the statue, aligning concordance. Merek the invoker traced thru his past lives to recall all the stories of kessel.

beyond the throne.. a search for rest

Beyond the throne you find a hallway that leads to a antechamber (gargoyle stirges and a clay scout) which you defeated.. The room has many statues and rubble.. looks like a store room for a greek drama club. Beyond it is a stair that drops and turns.. entering into a large room with dozens of large torture devices like racks and boiling cauldrons, A large low cage with a goblin in it. The room has a portal which is glowing. You combat the torturer, defeat her and her rat minions. You are rewarded with some magic tidbit- waiting to be boiled into residium, and a ghost touched chain knife. There were a few encounters with wandering rats and undead.. seems like once an hour there is a roll. Getting short rests has been easy. Gil Galmarth and Merek Stardust have been on gaurd duty.. everyone else has had an extended rest.

You all agree that you must find a way to move the throne of fael to a place where it can aid Erathis

You have found a new portal, beyond which you see several small dragons flying around a tower on an island.

You have put a few hours into clearing the boulder filled hallway. you feel you are not 10% done.

There is one more door.. runed.. you can’t open it.. it radiates some sort of magic.. many other items in verastorm radiate…

And ahem.. the most obvious move was to unbolt the door to the crypt..

The Divines Grind on

Catching up on last week’s game. We had some bumps on start up, and never really got rolling with momentum. The party failed to get threw the bolted door into the crypt, as you were bogged down with roving Rats, Undead and Drakes. We got threw one large random encounter, and one small one. Then peter and andy had encounters with drakes, and leveled up. The party got more amulets and this is a good time to catch up on what the party has gotten for loot. You feel you are on your way to gaining power in the amulet progress. Your party has a chained blade +1 Ghost touched. Your party has many small items that are magical, that have value, although no immediate use to you. they got a new item for this list last week.. They found a pair of strange gemstones, called dragons eyes. This is added to a piece of a rune, a blade tip, a shard of armor, a gem fitting, with runed engraving and other like tidbits.

The maiden of ice and pain is dead

You all visited the bolted door, and behind it was the solo Zombie boss. The MAIDEN OF ICE AND PAIN. She visited upon you frosty vengence. battering baba and clifff, who were the stand in for the defender all night. Even after the cold bitch died she animated again. Finally the players did away with her. You find several items- A frost maul, 15 amulets, and Quarto, the evil scepter.. which Clifff is happy to wield.

Quarto teaches you that the throne can be used as a portal of its own. That you can get it to move itself if you find an orb and rug. He believes he knows where the the rug is, but not the orb.


sacred bundle

amulet of verastorm

torturers touch


soul forged

Thomas of Frost

throne of the gods



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