Fowle Abbey

The Temple of Evil Mess


The defense that Farknot summoned you for seems to have worked. The Demons stand on the stairway above and do not attack. The Devils stand ready behind the portal of the black hand. The Demons still prepare for a huge attack from your portal on the Astral Sea. Even your own clan looks a little suspect to you.. But the party has defended the temple, and now for the the court of evil guests. Your Clan is the UlFranin- The evil fey of Yurenth. You have allowed guests….

1. Heinz, a seemingly eager and old ‘ally’ that represents an ancient necropolis. 2. The Blackhand- they served as a entry point for demons. LOOT- They are offering 4 level 3 items to be able to join your evil temple’s brotherhood. 3. Serpent worlders.. the zehir clan (while they have a link now, but are offering “arms or armor” for a deferred link). 4. the hall that was once kessels.. the one you all were brought in through.. No Contact here. 5. the dragon whelp ruin, with the screw.. There are the guests with out a hall, but that are requesting one. No Contact here. 6. Flairs…They offered 12 elven virgins and the head of a deva, until the realized you all would prefer some other barter. They are coming up with a new offer. 7. Germpeto- the cute dark stalker, with a viral habit, he came threw the ulfrannin portal. He offers a very unique item for the right to act as speaker to the void for your clan. 8. Erathis’s Evil Adjudicator- the Devil advisor that all evil rulers need- he was captured from the Devil attack a few yarn ago. 9. Ulfranin Hexer, an ally from the ulfranin, but not on your staff 10. The Minotaur- The beast chained.. a demontaur that was captured by the troops. The stair way up is guarded by more minotaurs. It seems to spell- not til level 7 or so.

- The Bolder filled Hall is cleared. You have not opened that door yet. - The endless evil tidings, evil prayers, evil mumbling from the lost ghosts is numbing. - The throne keeping every thing in balance.

What you guys could use is a good drink at the fat c.

summons to Temple of Elemental Chaos

5.3 The party battles to the ante chamber of merek’s lair when they are summonsed. Farknot begs them to return to the Temple immediately. He has some arcane summoning spell that has been cast at ruins of Rowan Neely’s estate.

When the party tries to jump into the portal a strange green pineapple explodes and out come some dimensional marauders. The party has a hard time defeating the maurauders and getting to the portal.

When they eventually return to Farknot, he brings them to the Portal room that once held the speaker of the abyss chamber, and now it is swarming with Taints. A battle supported with the minions of Verastorm, and the taints were wiped out.

The portal looked out onto the worlds. The Astral Sea, The crust of the elemental chaos.. the real world in between, flanked by the shadowfell and the feywild, with countless spots of glimmering light and total darkness.

The Party is attacked by the Ghouls of Nothinhness.. They defeat a Chainfighter shadarKai.

The Sibling of the Shadar kai is Golme klem. He explains that his squad is here to weaken the temple. He was hired out of Hestzvard in the Astral sea. He plans to return to his city Kohb after telling his boss that his contract is up. The Ghouls are the troupes, and will eventually return to this space, but what we need to beware the reinforcements, and you need to be aware of the Demon army that has been moving into the other portal for months. They seem to be in the midst of a war with a part of the real world.

the fight with jelly


We are fast approaching lvl 5.

The party starts fresh (post extended rest) and seeks lavinia and her sons out.. They soon witness Merek’s brilliant obstacle,which has 2 nasty names so far… the Eye of Alien Fire / the eye of Toxic Flame.

SO the party moves into a new part of the cave, a sapping of caves that seem to have been built to avoid the eye, and work down and around it. In these small tunnel the stonekin await in ambush. Sure enough they show as soon as the party progress. Fredrick is pushed into the eyes fire, and destroyed, as well as a few stonekin minions. The party saw one suite of Fredricks spiffy armor rust nearly instantly in the flames.. Only special items must be able to survive in the fire.

The party is looking for more when they nearly walk into a Gelatinous cube. The Avenger is mostly immobile for the rest of the fight, and the party destroys 2 of these elite translucent killers and takes the combat in victory. Loot.. nothing.. not even a scroll in a bone tube case….

Next fight…... The Stonekin humanoids seem to have a small lair ahead.. and you have seen minions come and peak down at the area the party is in.. Lavinia must be waiting for you.

Burrowpede and Stonekin


The party gets past the taints to find 2 caverns. Cliff spies some large centipede like creatures that are burrowing in the hard stone like it is merely soft stone. Impressive.

The party fights the burrowing pedes.. and defeats them, after realizing the pede’s can move freely threw the walls, and indeed they attack from the 2nd passage, finding merek alone and full of fear.

Cliff and the party hear humanoids moving around where the burrowpedes started in the last fight.. the party barely gets threw the short rest before the fight starts. several orc stonekin minions come carefully down the cavern. behind them the party see’s Vladimir and Lavinia.. the leaders of the orc stonekin clan. The fight ensues.. merek is .. surprise.. attacked from the 2nd corridor again, and the party defeats vladimir, and his mom Lavinia gets away.

The party finds a nice suit of armor on vlad, and that is that.

Sister – earlier in the night.. examined a crypt room.. with a strange stone monument in the center that is covered with strange and mysterious code, drawings or something like that. might be a map.

We close with the party rejoining sassy- the mule, all the supplies. Then getting a laydown at the makeshift lean too, and getting the well deserved extended rest..

next week – meet Lavinia.. again.. with her other sons..

Taint Fight

chapter 4.4

The party started the session with a wake up and quick breakfast.. then right to the cave mouth to examine the carvings.. You think you see Merek on there… but right about then the taints attack. Merek wipes out 8 of them in one round, and the fight is on.. then over..

After a breather you see more taints appearing at the magical wells in the back of the room. Merek senses magic yum yum back there too.

The next battle is over quickly.. the party smites the evil seed, and so he can’t germinate again.

In the water of one sigil well the party finds a hand full of javilins. there are 5 total, But 2 are obviously magical (one is a +1 flaming, one is an un-named lvl 3 weapon).

In the other well is a suit of chainmail with goofy little wings on it.. as soon as he see’s it merek has a single tear. This is his.. from a former life.. It is the armor known as “Adornments of the First Dawn” – and peter has the write up – but the party will be happy to note.. it is the first of a few divine artifacts.. These are items that I designed to advance with the party… so right now it is +1 armor.. but when the party is at level 30 it will be +5 armor..

Neely 2.. death of the divine OGRE

4.2 The party is 4th level.

The party find a nice little nest, they land in the hollow basement of a rustic rowan neely estate. The portal is the strongest part of the structure. Piles of stone block, in ruins, with over grown tree’s that look decades old. Beside the foundation is a large ornate cave mouth. The sister’s impressive nature check spots large foot prints, something solo.. ogre sized. Soon enough the party see the huge creature coming out. A squat and tank looking Ogre.. but perhaps with stone giant blood (he looked spooky- like your deva- his eyes and body look more like marble than skin. Then they see that bastard dramo mic firing at the ogre- he is hidden off in the distance..but sister see’s him. Battle ensue’s. Somehow threw act of error and comedy the ogre and dramo mic are killed and the party is hardly scratched. sigh.

As he dies the ogre reaches out and calls to merek.. begging for forgiveness. Merek is visibly shaken (Fails memory roll. shakes it off).

The party see’s into the ogres cave they see a seal of some sort, a water source- something magical.. fey maybe. There are a flock of taints around the seal. They are somehow attracted to it.

And while merek stands statue like during the extended rest – he has what a human character might call a nice dream.. a ‘treasure foreshadow dream’.. .. something good is in that there cave.. something the Deva gets to wield, or wear. Maybe a ring. Past the taints.


3.9 The party goes thru the portal from vence neely estate…

They find themselves in an alternate plane, or realm. the party immediately beat up on some strange half snake men whom have questionable ‘module’ powers.. the adepts of zehir attack the a party and die.. for the cause. after the attack the party looks over the landscape..

Metel….. Mars like and huge.. an arid sandy tundra stretches into the distance.. which seems to be limitless…

Immediately around the party, and sparsely in the landscape are stone piles, dunes perhaps, some are like hay stacks, some as big as a building. One such large pile is in front of you, There is a camp of some sort on the dune. From the camp, and circling around the dune is an obviously magical.. aberrant.. cosmic perhaps.. material that makes a 10 ft diameter rope like trail on off into one horizon.

As a part of the settlement there is a welcome tent. It has a pile of sacks you recognize as from brind’amor. There is a small cage.. with some strange materials.. like a nasty flexible glass and tattered ribbon like silk cloth.

Around this dune are a number of small pools of some metallic sludge like fluid. In each pool is a portal. The party needs to move thru such a pool of sludge to to get to the land, and the welcome tent beyond.

The party thinks about a rest.. they jump back into Yurenth.. home world.. and a new Neely estate. .......

The Black Hand at the Neely Mazeo's

The party battles a molten dragon, a dragon speckled with black and green. The dragon is named Sinaps.. he was once called ‘sinep’ but that is penis spelled backwards- and one of the players is highly atuned to backwards spelling… lets call his party member ‘retep’. The party killed the dragon when it wasted a round spitting a useless caustic puss on the ground.. You can look forward to finding the siblings of this dragon (with the spitty thing fixed.. .

After many a good roll the party found the dragons lair, which was in the ancient family burial grounds. The party found the lair in a monument hole.. a ready made grave.. The party got a pair of reading glasses (which is why they know the dragon’s name was not penis spelled backwards, but it was actually ‘panis’ spelled backwards).. and there were also a few items that the party should have gotten, but no one could decide what they were, so they are just out there… in the wind.

Still, this specific party has a invoker that is full of piss and vinegar, so while he was preparing the next sorte of insults at the DM, 100% aimed at the lack of loot, the party was attacked. The raid came from the black hand ‘rat pack’ patrol. A few grima rats and the mazeo WereRats were beaten, questioned and slain.

The party learned that the black hand is in control of Neely lands. They have powerful allies. (wererats and a clutch of dragons led by smolden ‘the 3rd blue eye’... and that the base is to the west on the shore of the lake of solace.

Following the trail back to the black hand base, the party fights into what is called the Vence Neely estate… held by the Mazeo clan of were rats.. The party defeats another rat pack- a few more Mazeo Wererats.. The party lears that the Neely’s had made portals to connect the estates they built to some other place. These portals persist. At the Portal the Deva party member meets a lost comrade. Thandrix the fixer, is a clerk for the blackhand? Thandrix tells the deva that the dragon smolden has been summoned, and will be returning to meet the party. Thandy says the dragon will not go threw the portal, but that they could escape that way..He can help with that. The dragons lair is downstairs, in the ruins of the estates cellar. Thandrix explains that if the party goes to collect the loot.. then they will meet smolden in a few minutes when she returns. She is tough.. you might want to get 3 or so more fights in before you get to her (cause you might be 4th lvl then).. but anyhoo..

next time, dragons loot.. and it is a doozy.

the seat of Clan Neely

The divines cross into the wilds that once held the seat of clan neely. The harsh mountains are starting to develop into river canyons with lush forests and anbundance of wild life. It was said that the clan neely nearly hunted the woods bare.. that has obviously been remedied.

In the 2nd morning of the expedition the party see’s travelers ahead. They spot a squad of goblins sneaking into an area of underbrush. The underbrush conceal a hut; the goblin basecamp.

in the insuing battle the party is hard fought, but wins. They get some magic items, but not really for merek -who rolled a 5 for loot. Cliff gets his choice of any lvl 4 item.. what every you want cliffy. Andy got a helm, and Merek gets 2 of any ‘one use item he wants lvl 3 or less’ (potion, regeant, ammo, component… ect.. ).

The party takes a rest or two in the goblin basecamp, They find some really good quality carrots and potato’s.. they look very tasty. and they look threw the journal of the war priestess they just slaughtered.. she keeps good notes.. and made a map.. this must be the area of Inverness. Can anyone read goblin? what about dragonesse?

fight with rat..swarms... and Harpy's... and get to the Sage of Lake Solace..

Divines make lvl 3… duke it out with harpy joe and a rat swarm. – and meet the sage of Solace…

So you get to the sage of Solace.. He is a Deva.. a airy and spacey guy… Thanks you for the items from the ancient gardener. You see immediately that he has packed everything he owns in a wagon. He has 10 or so henchmen traveling with him. The Sage pretold of your defeat of harpy Joe. So they awaited your arrival. But he must leave immediately. He has been summoned to court for the first time in 70 years. He gives you 2 books and he leaves a mirror. The mirror is large, and is a means to communicate- a Mirror of Sending… will allow you to ask the sage questions if you get stuck on your quest. The mirror will work for one month, then will lose power.

The Sage wlecomes you to eat the food prepared and sleep in the made beds, but he is off to the king.

The 2 books are How I did it – by C.C.Neely, and “Neely’s if Innverness” by Heinrich Neely.

Clan Neely and the Dioceses of Innvernesse. – By Heinrich Neely

1. Book is best described as a high gloss family primer and picture book. The Bulk of it concerns the births, marriages and deaths of the Neely Clan. When the lord of Neely was decorated by the King and asked for a boon, Neely selected a lordship in the frontier. The family seat was a fief called Inverness, located at the Orr River. The dioceses of Inverness was a total of 6 knighted estates, built with help by the king of Brind’amor, to civilize the frontier and try and tame the evil denizens of the lands. – The knights are still active? (written in sidebar). Just a few items of interest…

- Clan Neely represented Brind’Amor in the battle of Twelig Field. Where Krivil Neely won the flower of silver battle.

- Victa Neely was first woman leader of Brind Church

- Constance Neely slays the Orator of GlenVinis (begins long feud between Oracle and Sons of Brind).

- Angdango Neely wins silver laurels at Champion feast of Solace.

- Dolcent Neely becomes Exchecker of the King

2. Highlighted – Many years ago (no confirmed date is written in the book) Camcarl Neely was the last Guardian Invoker of the Hygal- some sort of army squad of the eastern pass, organized out of Brind.

3. When Camcarl retired to his Orr estate to write his memoirs, he brought with him the Hygal sigil. There is no reference to this item’s use or significance.. but the sage has left his mark on a page, with the words “brought with him the Hygal sigil” written in the side bar.

4. The frontiers of Brind’amor become tamed. The Estates become backwoods hunting lodges (and remain so today). The Family History ends when Heinrich Neely sells the last family estate to an oracle missionary, and moves the last vestiges of the Clan to the outskirts of Brind where they become successful merchants.

bound with a hand written note -

Worshipers of Erathis- I was given this tome many lives ago. I have protected it for you. I hope it helps you understand your task. AThe Mission of Brind Cathedral has a complete tome of this work, if you deem it needed, the librarian of that place is Misha Kent, was once my student, and this ruined version of the book might be helpful to him.

How I did it, by C.C. Neely-

1. The book itself is in very rough shape with many missing sections. You see incomplete evidence of deep knowledge of the Verastorm, with references to rituals the party has witnessed and diagrams of the chaos temple’s features that are very credible.

2. The book speaks of the Magi of Hygal as a secret squad of Divine heroes that defended the Hygal pass from the alien demons that seek to escape the Abyss into Yurenth.

3. The book refers to Verastorm Chaos Temple as a place where great evil tidings pass, and where the throne of Fael must be secured until it can be returned ‘underhill’.

4. The book refers to Chaos taints and a chained abyssal as the dire enemies of Hygal, and are trying to get through the portal.

5. Camcarl’s (C.C.) squad utilizes the throne of Fael to create protections so strong that the council of Hygal retires and Camcarl writes this memoir.


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