Fowle Abbey

fight with rat..swarms... and Harpy's... and get to the Sage of Lake Solace..

Divines make lvl 3… duke it out with harpy joe and a rat swarm. – and meet the sage of Solace…

So you get to the sage of Solace.. He is a Deva.. a airy and spacey guy… Thanks you for the items from the ancient gardener. You see immediately that he has packed everything he owns in a wagon. He has 10 or so henchmen traveling with him. The Sage pretold of your defeat of harpy Joe. So they awaited your arrival. But he must leave immediately. He has been summoned to court for the first time in 70 years. He gives you 2 books and he leaves a mirror. The mirror is large, and is a means to communicate- a Mirror of Sending… will allow you to ask the sage questions if you get stuck on your quest. The mirror will work for one month, then will lose power.

The Sage wlecomes you to eat the food prepared and sleep in the made beds, but he is off to the king.

The 2 books are How I did it – by C.C.Neely, and “Neely’s if Innverness” by Heinrich Neely.

Clan Neely and the Dioceses of Innvernesse. – By Heinrich Neely

1. Book is best described as a high gloss family primer and picture book. The Bulk of it concerns the births, marriages and deaths of the Neely Clan. When the lord of Neely was decorated by the King and asked for a boon, Neely selected a lordship in the frontier. The family seat was a fief called Inverness, located at the Orr River. The dioceses of Inverness was a total of 6 knighted estates, built with help by the king of Brind’amor, to civilize the frontier and try and tame the evil denizens of the lands. – The knights are still active? (written in sidebar). Just a few items of interest…

- Clan Neely represented Brind’Amor in the battle of Twelig Field. Where Krivil Neely won the flower of silver battle.

- Victa Neely was first woman leader of Brind Church

- Constance Neely slays the Orator of GlenVinis (begins long feud between Oracle and Sons of Brind).

- Angdango Neely wins silver laurels at Champion feast of Solace.

- Dolcent Neely becomes Exchecker of the King

2. Highlighted – Many years ago (no confirmed date is written in the book) Camcarl Neely was the last Guardian Invoker of the Hygal- some sort of army squad of the eastern pass, organized out of Brind.

3. When Camcarl retired to his Orr estate to write his memoirs, he brought with him the Hygal sigil. There is no reference to this item’s use or significance.. but the sage has left his mark on a page, with the words “brought with him the Hygal sigil” written in the side bar.

4. The frontiers of Brind’amor become tamed. The Estates become backwoods hunting lodges (and remain so today). The Family History ends when Heinrich Neely sells the last family estate to an oracle missionary, and moves the last vestiges of the Clan to the outskirts of Brind where they become successful merchants.

bound with a hand written note -

Worshipers of Erathis- I was given this tome many lives ago. I have protected it for you. I hope it helps you understand your task. AThe Mission of Brind Cathedral has a complete tome of this work, if you deem it needed, the librarian of that place is Misha Kent, was once my student, and this ruined version of the book might be helpful to him.

How I did it, by C.C. Neely-

1. The book itself is in very rough shape with many missing sections. You see incomplete evidence of deep knowledge of the Verastorm, with references to rituals the party has witnessed and diagrams of the chaos temple’s features that are very credible.

2. The book speaks of the Magi of Hygal as a secret squad of Divine heroes that defended the Hygal pass from the alien demons that seek to escape the Abyss into Yurenth.

3. The book refers to Verastorm Chaos Temple as a place where great evil tidings pass, and where the throne of Fael must be secured until it can be returned ‘underhill’.

4. The book refers to Chaos taints and a chained abyssal as the dire enemies of Hygal, and are trying to get through the portal.

5. Camcarl’s (C.C.) squad utilizes the throne of Fael to create protections so strong that the council of Hygal retires and Camcarl writes this memoir.

That Bastard Dramo Mic...

While returning to the Calf for some merlot, the party is ambushed by Dramo Mic and his trained dragonflies. The arrows he shoots seem to defy the rules. The party shakes their fists at Dramo.. Yes we will meet again. So it goes. And the party returns the calf…. and feasts… The ancient gardener is there helping the scullery crew. They are putting on a feast. The have stuffed a piglet, and it is rotating. The kitchen is buzzing. You have 2 people that are your kitchen workers. They are hangers on to your cause- The goblin, the half elf and Andre the giant (the goliath). And then you have the ever present guests- the local rake (jayco), the sheriff (martin), and some visitors- like the sweet milicent – a local elven lady- who seems to like the place (and her guard- rorrick).

When the party returns they set about celebrating.. They are offered drinks the Wormwood blanc.. the green myst liquor that seems to be all the rage in the area. And with so the ritual begins. Kessel played to the glory of the party. It was a long awaited extended rest. The divines have lost memory of the last feast they had of like auspice.. Merek would point out it was the feast of Yelle, it was suited for kings. The night before they were to be sent into (as a sacrifice) to the Chaos Temple of the Verastorm. The feast had dancers and acrobats. There was rituals and magical displays. The food lasted for hours and must have bankrupt whole regions of the country. Such was the pomp. All to celebrate the passing of the Divines into the portal. That was weeks ago. But now you have a new feast of memory. Kessel played immediately. It was Kessel that explained the Fey shaman, and the ritual to you all. The Pray of Feast Chaos Temple of the Verastorm, begins with slaughter of the stag of Elt and dedication to the spring foal. The time of passing, a time of green shoots. And so the Shaman introduces the essence, and the Wormwood blanc.. And so celebration of the Feast to the masters of the Chaos Temple of the Verastorm goes.. with merlot and beer and the green fairy, and a meal of roasted pig with pickled potatoes and carrots, in Brind’amor will be recalled more easily. You have made a significant contribution. True dominion of the Chaos Temple of the Verastorm (and 3rd level). Today the Throne of Fael is safe. You have left Farknot and baba in charge of the Chaos Temple. Tomorrow you will worry about what is needed to support the Temple’s defense, for without defense it will slip away.. and the throne will slip away with it. At the feast the party speaks to the ancient gardener, the grower of the seemingly blessed food you are eating. The Gardener believes the party must speak to the Sage of Lake Solace. The Sage has firsthand knowledge of the temple of evil. As means of credentials the gardener gives Sister Gil several packets and parcels of vegetables and tobacco. After some protest of carrying such contraband Gil Galmarath and Clifff agreed to speak to the Sage, to learn more about the Portals. Merek mostly sulked in the corner, he was having earlier life flashbacks.. The green fairy liquor really gets deva’s loopy. The parcels are many. The gardener sends a local troublemaker from what must be a wealthy family to borrow horses for your trip. And so at 8Am the next morning the party finds itself traveling west at high speed with fresh snow on the ground. The Sage lives in a small town called Solace, on the Lake edge, and it can be done in one day.. or so says your guide… the road is tricky, and so Jayco takes lead. He is a jumpy guy,..,. jayco is.. worried about hurting his uncles horses… and the sooner you let him shove off.. the better.

the verastorm is cleared

*The verastorm is cleared..

We started with the party fighting off the effects of the disease chaos numbness.. which is a lasting effect from entering the speaker of the chaos voids room. The party had the initial effect, and battled threw it.

Then the party entered the last unexplored room of the verastorm.. They fought the abyssal taints… the transparent/ translucent globs of chaos that float out of the portal to the abyss. You see more in the abyss beyond the portal, and you fear they will continue to come threw the portal and attack your caverns. {As I mentioned.. this is a random roll you can’t turn off}.

Loot.. The party got 4 potions of resist psych damage (resist 5). these potions will also cure chaos numbness. Also.. The party gets 5 more amulets of the verastorm.. {used to improve your existing amulets}.

-> important note.. the party is one battle from lvl 3 (if i compress cliff into the merek/gil group… which i am doing).. so keep that in mind… we are ready for lvl 3 character sheets.

*Thing we need to do:

1. The Chaos Numbness disease – we can assume you all spend some time, what is needed to get rid of any effects.. I think we did this already..

2. Heinze the vamp gave you tokens for normal +1 weapons or holy symbols…. Andy/Sister Gil turned his into a +1 holy symbol.. anyone else (Vidar, Cliff and Merek can do so).

3. Other magic item purchases. You have 1000 gp worth on account each.. and im not sure anyone has used it. Andy and Peter have spent theirs i think..

4. Merek has a new chance with +1 to understand the ritual of the chaos speaker again.

Ok and then onto where we are as far as **things to learn or explore….. There is no clear linear plot.. so roam as you will..

1. You can test the portal to the chaos of the abyss, past the tainted area. 2. You might exit out of the verastorm and go back the Fat C for an extended rest and a nice glass of merlot. 3. If you learned to open portals you could perhaps visit the lands of the shadow adept’s realm or go back to The bitch of yelle. 4. You could ask Heinze if you can pass thru his portal- no idea what is there… but he is a snappy dresser, so there is that. 5. You could check out the ruins of the dragon whelp. 6. You could clear boulders 7. You could purchase an orb (or any standard Deva’s severed head).. and move the throne of Fael..


against the speaker of the chaos pit

You are sent for by The Caverns of the Verastorm- The near zombie Baba “is sent, by Denzien Farknot- who has assumed a role as “champion of Verastorm” and is doing Gil Galmarath’s good work” …. “ Farknot wishes you to know – “ Steward, the caverns request your observance of the ambassadorial ritual at your earliest convenience. – Anyone that visits the caves will see that have started modify themselves… a minor timaclysm.. They are no longer blood stained. They are earthen- with roots and occasional vines. Otherwise the rooms are pretty much the same. The two Brind’Amor rooms are manned with zombie elf gaurds.. These gaurds seem “yet to be animated”. When you get to the throne room, Farknot approaches.. He has a squad of undead goblins behind him.. He also has his nasty bundle of vermin all in a cage..Ready to fling.. he still looks undead.. He has become a part of the verastorm now.. He seems aggressive; his men are poised to attack. But addresses you “my lords…I hope you don’t mind me taken this precaution- you have killed me twice.. I only get 9 lives as they say.. So as you can see… I have set about doing your good work Mistress Steward. I have set the watch and kept peace in the weeks you have been away. The caverns are full or mischief, yet all was well enough.. this morning we had this “ and he sweeps his arms towards the tunnel the south- seems to be as old as all the others. But it is new- it was not there before…. It has a banner in its doorway- three colors, and a fist. “Heinze the vamp” is ready to offer you the official seals for the embassy ritual. He has brought you gifts. These icons will become weapons or symbol to assist in your divine mission.. “ and with that Farknot lays a bundle on the ground… and backs away.. Saying “ by your leave”… and he leaves… The bundle has small tokens, like a letter opener – a stiletto with a symbol of Erathis.. Find a good place for your soul.. “ so say’s Quarto – an evil rat thing.. The party finds The next room and see’s a strange sight. The Speaker of the chaos pit is in the midst of a ritual. He is drawing strange voices from 4 large candles that are around him. A strange adept of shadow lingers hidden in the far side of the room.. and as Gil approaches the speaker, a candle lashes out at her.. dazing her and starting the battle. Soon there are animated skeletons and zombies springing up in the midst of the battle.. this angers merek.. but the DM says it is exactly as the module is written. Merek takes is personally, and wastes the minions while a zombie monk throws flurry of misses at him.. . The battle turns when Gil draws the speaker forward and cliff and Gil bloody him. He flee’s- but not fast enough, and is slain at the feet of the adept.. Battle ends soon after (DM thinking where did I go wrong.. this was supposed to be tougher).. The party see’s the shadow adept leap in to the portal, and a second later is fades out. Loot on the night is the weapon icon from Heinz and the 3 evil black candles worth 50 gold each. Merek has one more chance at to identify the rituals- with a +1 from studying the candles.

Quarto- The rat relic. Quarto was once a cleric of Torog.. The evil god of creepy crawly.. He was created for sacred rites of these caverns, and has spent almost all of his time in the Verastorm. The long shard has vast knowledge of the caverns. Following Quarto’s instruction Clifff feels he can get the throne to act as a vehicle. Quarto has been silent since you have left the Verastorm for the valley in Brind’Amor. Quarto also has strong things to say.. Insulting cliff for being out ‘in space’ for so long, Quarto doesn’t want to leave the verastorm again.. He says Farknot is “as good a person to watch the caves as anyone else..even Quarto was beat by “the divines”… and Quarto goes to that dark place.. and wallows in it.. “You can’t trust anyone in this place.. They should be governed by a more powerful force that a party of 2nd levels…. what happened that the gods have abandoned this place?? What will happen to the current management when the caverns are claimed by a more powerful force?? Will Farknot become one more of the lost souls of the verastorm? Will he become a magic weapon’s brain?? Let it be a lesson to you to Quarto’s Longer story- Quarto has lived in the Cave of Evil chaos for most of his existence, even when he was breathing. He tells you that every 4 years there is a sacrifice of divines- sent by Yelle. That sacrifice of divine blood is an important process in the chaos caverns. He thinks there is some great danger in the balance of the sacrifice being missed. The Throne – a item of great value and power.. The Throne of the God Fael.. the embodiment of Erathis on Yurenth. The throne is an important component of the Chaos caverns. The divines feel in the throne the presence of Erathis. It is like a potent drug to the believer. The party used the throne to make Gil Galmarath the Steward of the caves. Now Farknot and many denizens of the caves must obey the party. The Vampire Heinz needs acceptance from the party to join his embassy.

The amulets – the Badge of the Verastorm- everyone in the party has a soul forged amulet. These items are linked to your soul by Erathis, and they will not function correctly for other users. Collecting these amulets and joining them will upgrade the soulforged amulet (1 = +1 Amulet, 11= Amulet +1, of health, 21 = safewing amulet, 31 = +2 amulet.. ect.. Thomas of Frost – The weapon found on the zombie boss, in the Verastorm Evil Chaos Crypt. The Weapon is now soul forged to Gil Galmarth. They share elven background and a cold demeanor.

Getting to Brind'Amor

The game began with an unresolved random encounter, ‘things that suck blood..’ 8 stirges (800 exp), after that fight the party was able to recover the rug from the boulder filled passage, and put it under the throne. They used the Sacred Bundle Cliff was given by the Bishop of Yelle, which finished the ritual of the throne, and Sister Gil was named the steward of the throne, which allows her to control aspects of the Evil / chaos Verastorm caverns. So there will be no more random encounters (unless Andy turns it back on). The party is looking to assault the space beyond the radiant door next time they gather. Sister Gil believes that eventually she will be able to welcome Fael back to the throne room, and this world, where he can rule in honor of Erathis.

Matty had to drop, but the rest of the party went into the shadow corridor, and following it east, they found a new exit, and the tiny town of Imamel and fought a group of ulfranin gob’s(650 exp), whom were hiding in some ruins right as the exit of the shadow corridor.

after the battle the players met the people of Imamel, a small community in the region known as Brind’Amor- a member state of the oracle’s realm, also known as the city states of Derbain.. This region was the home to the contests that your party first met each other at (the olympic like contests that are central to Erathis’s traditions in Yurenth. The Oracle’s.. or Druids.. rule over the area wisely and the people have long flourished. The party managed to get the statue of Kessel back to the ruins, where they sacrificed the fatted calf (the truely impressive Calf was a 100 out of 100 roll) in his honor, and Kessel and Merek started making plans to build a tavern where bards can sing the praise of Fael and Kessel. Getting Kessel outside was worth a minor Quest fulfillment.. giving you each 50 Exp for the minor Quest.

The party members have received loot that was traded in one parcel, and which gives them each about 1000 gold to barter for, and through the town elders and merchants they can find most low powered items they would want, to finish the barter.
The maiden of ice and pain is dead

You all visited the bolted door, and behind it was the solo Zombie boss. The MAIDEN OF ICE AND PAIN. She visited upon you frosty vengence. battering baba and clifff, who were the stand in for the defender all night. Even after the cold bitch died she animated again. Finally the players did away with her. You find several items- A frost maul, 15 amulets, and Quarto, the evil scepter.. which Clifff is happy to wield.

Quarto teaches you that the throne can be used as a portal of its own. That you can get it to move itself if you find an orb and rug. He believes he knows where the the rug is, but not the orb.


sacred bundle

amulet of verastorm

torturers touch


soul forged

Thomas of Frost

throne of the gods


The Divines Grind on

Catching up on last week’s game. We had some bumps on start up, and never really got rolling with momentum. The party failed to get threw the bolted door into the crypt, as you were bogged down with roving Rats, Undead and Drakes. We got threw one large random encounter, and one small one. Then peter and andy had encounters with drakes, and leveled up. The party got more amulets and this is a good time to catch up on what the party has gotten for loot. You feel you are on your way to gaining power in the amulet progress. Your party has a chained blade +1 Ghost touched. Your party has many small items that are magical, that have value, although no immediate use to you. they got a new item for this list last week.. They found a pair of strange gemstones, called dragons eyes. This is added to a piece of a rune, a blade tip, a shard of armor, a gem fitting, with runed engraving and other like tidbits.

beyond the throne.. a search for rest

Beyond the throne you find a hallway that leads to a antechamber (gargoyle stirges and a clay scout) which you defeated.. The room has many statues and rubble.. looks like a store room for a greek drama club. Beyond it is a stair that drops and turns.. entering into a large room with dozens of large torture devices like racks and boiling cauldrons, A large low cage with a goblin in it. The room has a portal which is glowing. You combat the torturer, defeat her and her rat minions. You are rewarded with some magic tidbit- waiting to be boiled into residium, and a ghost touched chain knife. There were a few encounters with wandering rats and undead.. seems like once an hour there is a roll. Getting short rests has been easy. Gil Galmarth and Merek Stardust have been on gaurd duty.. everyone else has had an extended rest.

You all agree that you must find a way to move the throne of fael to a place where it can aid Erathis

You have found a new portal, beyond which you see several small dragons flying around a tower on an island.

You have put a few hours into clearing the boulder filled hallway. you feel you are not 10% done.

There is one more door.. runed.. you can’t open it.. it radiates some sort of magic.. many other items in verastorm radiate…

And ahem.. the most obvious move was to unbolt the door to the crypt..

finding the throne of Fael

The party could feel the radiance, the throne of the god fael.

Erathis has truly blessed you. In the chamber beyond Kessel is a huge room. With a Throne. There were some innocent looking bones and evil amulets, in piles… and the diehard Farknot- or the spectre of him, was beconing for a fight on the throne. You battled. You learned that much of Tim’s idea of this run is to make figurative translations from .. quoting the blurb to the players… ( tsr 1980..the keep on the borderlands—room 52 nearly…. quoted) you enter the hall of skeletons…. This unusual audience chamber has a huge dais and throne like chair….with 4 gems worth 500 gp each… it is otherwise empty” …..Honestly it says .. Otherwise empty. In the next sentence then it seems to remember that “……….except for a dozen skeletons, clad in rags of chainmail and battered shields. They are propped against the wall, and are obviously not animated and do nothing if the adventurers check them“(attempt to turn is unchallenged and ineffective). Each skeleton has an interesting amulet on its neck.

The throne is labeled “Throne of the god Fael” players engage farknot, and in doing so they struck the throne, and animated the undead.. The fight was a foot. In the end the divines won, Sister was blessed with truly divine vibes in combat, while Vidar took divine rest on the throne of Fael. Clifff knew he had a shot at pleasing Kessel, he rested with the statue, aligning concordance. Merek the invoker traced thru his past lives to recall all the stories of kessel.

Clifff and the song of kessel

Clifff the cleric rolled a 27+ insight and learned this from the song of kessel: At its most basic level, the song about the faelesse people, about the god Fael, and his throne in the heart of the mountains. Due to the insightful song you learn a lot about the singer, it seems that Kessel is a child of Fael and that the statue is in the ‘room of Kessel’ which has some signifigance. Kessel was a great figure in faelese lore, He wrote great works, was a well known romantic, a drunk, who made and lost a famous life.. you think that real Kessel is in there, and he has choosen Clifff, a devotee to Erathis. Kessel is presently turned to stone, and has been turned into some great magic creature. He calls Clifff his ‘solicitor’ and Clifff has concordance level 1 with the statue.

Concordance level 1- Clifff can name an ‘honor gaurd’, that character and Clifff gain a +5 lightning damage bonus to their first damage roll in the next combat, as long as it happens before the next rest.

( still need a history or religion to learn more about Kessel)


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