Sister Gil Galmarath

An Avenger in the service of Erathis


Meh, stats are stats. Ask for the .pdf of her character sheet if you really care. (and if you’re not Tim, you shouldn’t.)


Backstory: Elf maiden taken by Erathis to serve as a Battle Sister.

Love Interests: ???? You have to be kidding. (to meet Sister Galmarath is to instantly understand how ridiculous the whole concept of her in love is)

Goals: Currently, to be consecrated into her new armor and to sanctify with her Purity Seal.

Hated Enemies: Sister Gil doesn’t like Chaos or destruction. She loves the wilds and is fearful of cities as she has never encountered them, but is nonetheless bound in service to the Goddess of them. It’s complex.

Fluff: “I am not some sister who raps children on their knuckles if they don’t do their lessons right. I am a Sister of Battle. I guide warriors to battle and lead them into the face of the enemy. I shall die doing such. I have no longer have any other purpose in life.”

Sister Gil Galmarath

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