Fowle Abbey

The Temple of Evil Mess


The defense that Farknot summoned you for seems to have worked. The Demons stand on the stairway above and do not attack. The Devils stand ready behind the portal of the black hand. The Demons still prepare for a huge attack from your portal on the Astral Sea. Even your own clan looks a little suspect to you.. But the party has defended the temple, and now for the the court of evil guests. Your Clan is the UlFranin- The evil fey of Yurenth. You have allowed guests….

1. Heinz, a seemingly eager and old ‘ally’ that represents an ancient necropolis. 2. The Blackhand- they served as a entry point for demons. LOOT- They are offering 4 level 3 items to be able to join your evil temple’s brotherhood. 3. Serpent worlders.. the zehir clan (while they have a link now, but are offering “arms or armor” for a deferred link). 4. the hall that was once kessels.. the one you all were brought in through.. No Contact here. 5. the dragon whelp ruin, with the screw.. There are the guests with out a hall, but that are requesting one. No Contact here. 6. Flairs…They offered 12 elven virgins and the head of a deva, until the realized you all would prefer some other barter. They are coming up with a new offer. 7. Germpeto- the cute dark stalker, with a viral habit, he came threw the ulfrannin portal. He offers a very unique item for the right to act as speaker to the void for your clan. 8. Erathis’s Evil Adjudicator- the Devil advisor that all evil rulers need- he was captured from the Devil attack a few yarn ago. 9. Ulfranin Hexer, an ally from the ulfranin, but not on your staff 10. The Minotaur- The beast chained.. a demontaur that was captured by the troops. The stair way up is guarded by more minotaurs. It seems to spell- not til level 7 or so.

- The Bolder filled Hall is cleared. You have not opened that door yet. - The endless evil tidings, evil prayers, evil mumbling from the lost ghosts is numbing. - The throne keeping every thing in balance.

What you guys could use is a good drink at the fat c.



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