Fowle Abbey

the seat of Clan Neely

The divines cross into the wilds that once held the seat of clan neely. The harsh mountains are starting to develop into river canyons with lush forests and anbundance of wild life. It was said that the clan neely nearly hunted the woods bare.. that has obviously been remedied.

In the 2nd morning of the expedition the party see’s travelers ahead. They spot a squad of goblins sneaking into an area of underbrush. The underbrush conceal a hut; the goblin basecamp.

in the insuing battle the party is hard fought, but wins. They get some magic items, but not really for merek -who rolled a 5 for loot. Cliff gets his choice of any lvl 4 item.. what every you want cliffy. Andy got a helm, and Merek gets 2 of any ‘one use item he wants lvl 3 or less’ (potion, regeant, ammo, component… ect.. ).

The party takes a rest or two in the goblin basecamp, They find some really good quality carrots and potato’s.. they look very tasty. and they look threw the journal of the war priestess they just slaughtered.. she keeps good notes.. and made a map.. this must be the area of Inverness. Can anyone read goblin? what about dragonesse?



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