Fowle Abbey

the fight with jelly


We are fast approaching lvl 5.

The party starts fresh (post extended rest) and seeks lavinia and her sons out.. They soon witness Merek’s brilliant obstacle,which has 2 nasty names so far… the Eye of Alien Fire / the eye of Toxic Flame.

SO the party moves into a new part of the cave, a sapping of caves that seem to have been built to avoid the eye, and work down and around it. In these small tunnel the stonekin await in ambush. Sure enough they show as soon as the party progress. Fredrick is pushed into the eyes fire, and destroyed, as well as a few stonekin minions. The party saw one suite of Fredricks spiffy armor rust nearly instantly in the flames.. Only special items must be able to survive in the fire.

The party is looking for more when they nearly walk into a Gelatinous cube. The Avenger is mostly immobile for the rest of the fight, and the party destroys 2 of these elite translucent killers and takes the combat in victory. Loot.. nothing.. not even a scroll in a bone tube case….

Next fight…... The Stonekin humanoids seem to have a small lair ahead.. and you have seen minions come and peak down at the area the party is in.. Lavinia must be waiting for you.



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