Fowle Abbey

Taint Fight

chapter 4.4

The party started the session with a wake up and quick breakfast.. then right to the cave mouth to examine the carvings.. You think you see Merek on there… but right about then the taints attack. Merek wipes out 8 of them in one round, and the fight is on.. then over..

After a breather you see more taints appearing at the magical wells in the back of the room. Merek senses magic yum yum back there too.

The next battle is over quickly.. the party smites the evil seed, and so he can’t germinate again.

In the water of one sigil well the party finds a hand full of javilins. there are 5 total, But 2 are obviously magical (one is a +1 flaming, one is an un-named lvl 3 weapon).

In the other well is a suit of chainmail with goofy little wings on it.. as soon as he see’s it merek has a single tear. This is his.. from a former life.. It is the armor known as “Adornments of the First Dawn” – and peter has the write up – but the party will be happy to note.. it is the first of a few divine artifacts.. These are items that I designed to advance with the party… so right now it is +1 armor.. but when the party is at level 30 it will be +5 armor..



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