Fowle Abbey

summons to Temple of Elemental Chaos

5.3 The party battles to the ante chamber of merek’s lair when they are summonsed. Farknot begs them to return to the Temple immediately. He has some arcane summoning spell that has been cast at ruins of Rowan Neely’s estate.

When the party tries to jump into the portal a strange green pineapple explodes and out come some dimensional marauders. The party has a hard time defeating the maurauders and getting to the portal.

When they eventually return to Farknot, he brings them to the Portal room that once held the speaker of the abyss chamber, and now it is swarming with Taints. A battle supported with the minions of Verastorm, and the taints were wiped out.

The portal looked out onto the worlds. The Astral Sea, The crust of the elemental chaos.. the real world in between, flanked by the shadowfell and the feywild, with countless spots of glimmering light and total darkness.

The Party is attacked by the Ghouls of Nothinhness.. They defeat a Chainfighter shadarKai.

The Sibling of the Shadar kai is Golme klem. He explains that his squad is here to weaken the temple. He was hired out of Hestzvard in the Astral sea. He plans to return to his city Kohb after telling his boss that his contract is up. The Ghouls are the troupes, and will eventually return to this space, but what we need to beware the reinforcements, and you need to be aware of the Demon army that has been moving into the other portal for months. They seem to be in the midst of a war with a part of the real world.



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