Fowle Abbey

Neely 2.. death of the divine OGRE

4.2 The party is 4th level.

The party find a nice little nest, they land in the hollow basement of a rustic rowan neely estate. The portal is the strongest part of the structure. Piles of stone block, in ruins, with over grown tree’s that look decades old. Beside the foundation is a large ornate cave mouth. The sister’s impressive nature check spots large foot prints, something solo.. ogre sized. Soon enough the party see the huge creature coming out. A squat and tank looking Ogre.. but perhaps with stone giant blood (he looked spooky- like your deva- his eyes and body look more like marble than skin. Then they see that bastard dramo mic firing at the ogre- he is hidden off in the distance..but sister see’s him. Battle ensue’s. Somehow threw act of error and comedy the ogre and dramo mic are killed and the party is hardly scratched. sigh.

As he dies the ogre reaches out and calls to merek.. begging for forgiveness. Merek is visibly shaken (Fails memory roll. shakes it off).

The party see’s into the ogres cave they see a seal of some sort, a water source- something magical.. fey maybe. There are a flock of taints around the seal. They are somehow attracted to it.

And while merek stands statue like during the extended rest – he has what a human character might call a nice dream.. a ‘treasure foreshadow dream’.. .. something good is in that there cave.. something the Deva gets to wield, or wear. Maybe a ring. Past the taints.



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