Fowle Abbey


3.9 The party goes thru the portal from vence neely estate…

They find themselves in an alternate plane, or realm. the party immediately beat up on some strange half snake men whom have questionable ‘module’ powers.. the adepts of zehir attack the a party and die.. for the cause. after the attack the party looks over the landscape..

Metel….. Mars like and huge.. an arid sandy tundra stretches into the distance.. which seems to be limitless…

Immediately around the party, and sparsely in the landscape are stone piles, dunes perhaps, some are like hay stacks, some as big as a building. One such large pile is in front of you, There is a camp of some sort on the dune. From the camp, and circling around the dune is an obviously magical.. aberrant.. cosmic perhaps.. material that makes a 10 ft diameter rope like trail on off into one horizon.

As a part of the settlement there is a welcome tent. It has a pile of sacks you recognize as from brind’amor. There is a small cage.. with some strange materials.. like a nasty flexible glass and tattered ribbon like silk cloth.

Around this dune are a number of small pools of some metallic sludge like fluid. In each pool is a portal. The party needs to move thru such a pool of sludge to to get to the land, and the welcome tent beyond.

The party thinks about a rest.. they jump back into Yurenth.. home world.. and a new Neely estate. .......



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