Fowle Abbey

Burrowpede and Stonekin


The party gets past the taints to find 2 caverns. Cliff spies some large centipede like creatures that are burrowing in the hard stone like it is merely soft stone. Impressive.

The party fights the burrowing pedes.. and defeats them, after realizing the pede’s can move freely threw the walls, and indeed they attack from the 2nd passage, finding merek alone and full of fear.

Cliff and the party hear humanoids moving around where the burrowpedes started in the last fight.. the party barely gets threw the short rest before the fight starts. several orc stonekin minions come carefully down the cavern. behind them the party see’s Vladimir and Lavinia.. the leaders of the orc stonekin clan. The fight ensues.. merek is .. surprise.. attacked from the 2nd corridor again, and the party defeats vladimir, and his mom Lavinia gets away.

The party finds a nice suit of armor on vlad, and that is that.

Sister – earlier in the night.. examined a crypt room.. with a strange stone monument in the center that is covered with strange and mysterious code, drawings or something like that. might be a map.

We close with the party rejoining sassy- the mule, all the supplies. Then getting a laydown at the makeshift lean too, and getting the well deserved extended rest..

next week – meet Lavinia.. again.. with her other sons..



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